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" ... the author travels to the Kibale National Park in Uganda to observe chimpanzees in their natural habitat. He takes their state to be Edenic, without knowledge of good and evil, with other, murkier resemblances to "the theologian's dream of life before the Fall. The females are dominated, but they lack any concept of domination." He muses on deep time and on the scientific worldview since Darwin, which cannot account for moral choice, the crux of the drama in Eden. This leads him to an unexpected statement: "Millions of people in the world, including many who grasp the underlying assumptions of modern science, continue to cling to the peculiar satisfaction that the ancient story provides. I do." from the New York Review of the Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve by Stephen Greenblatt.
"When men began to look for ways to control society, language, firepower and sex followed fear as the best available methods." The Book of Books: Melvyn Bragg

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"The point about disputes on such topics as the value of sexual abstinence, the role of religious charities in state-funded activities, the question of gay marriage, and the like, is that they are not framed to be resolved. Their political function is to divide the citizenry while obscuring class differences and diverting the voters' attention from the social and economic concerns of the general populace." Sheldon Wolin
Bearman and Bruckner ...note that communities with the highest populations of purity ball attendees also have some of the country's highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In Lubbock, Texas, where abstinence-only education has been mandated since 1995, the rate of gonorrhea has risen to double the national rate, while teen pregnancy has spiked to the highest level in the state. A congressionally funded study of adolescent behavior, Add Health - the most comprehensive of its kind in history - revealed another dirty secret of the Christian right: White evangelical women lose their virginity on average at age sixteen, younger than any group besides black Protestants. (from Max Blumenthal's excellent book Republican Gomorra Page 157)
Here is a map showing teen birth rates by State. Guess which States are Republican.

Teen Birth Rate by State

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As population continues to grow beyond the earth's carrying capacity, traditional religions continue expansionary population policies, keeping women in second-class conditions, and favoring population-expanding sex advice: demonizing gay sex, forbidding abortion or making it difficult to obtain, making religion an excuse to determine family planning procedures. (Hobby Lobby) The Republicans, religious right, cry for smaller government, but make no apology for regulating sex.

The U.S. teen pregnancy and birth rates are the highest in the developed world. Eight out of ten teen pregnancines are unintended. The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and the Affordable Care Act both contribute significant funding streams toward comprehensive sex education for teens. Both are under attach by the Right Wing.

The right wing is oblivious to the existential threat of overpopulation and opposes every way to mitigate it.

States Rejecting "Abstinence-Only" Funding Federal
--Government Has Spent Millions On Sex-'Ed' Approach, Now 15 States Not Interested 07 Jan 2008 CBS News reports: The government has provided states a $1 billion during the past decade for abstinence-only programs. But many say it just doesn't work, and they point to the teen birth rate's first rise in 15 years as proof. A growing number of states are taking a stand and actually rejecting federal abstinence-only funds. New Mexico just became the 15th.

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