A History of the National Security State

Republicans have been leaders in facilitating the consolidation of corporate media until there are only a small number of oligarchs that control most of our information. It controls public ideology, voter opinion, and culture. It serves the interests of the elite creating celebrities, heroes, or even gods. It is a consequence of concentrated media that sanitized history finds its way into school textbooks. It is the way the public can be distracted, depoliticized, and dumbed-down. It covers up war crimes, imperialism, and criticism from outside. It has become mostly trivia or propaganda. As it consolidates, it moves to the right, toward Fascism.

Government workings are increasingly more secret even as people who tell the truth are punished harshly or disappeared. Militarism has consumed resources that should have been used for our basic maintenance. Our infrastructure is in poor condition.

There has always been a Fascist fringe in U.S. politics that has again surfaced with the rise of the alt-right. Racist and other tribalism contributed to the election of Trump.

A time line

The Whitehouse Coup 1933

FDR's vision has faded almost completely over the years. His desire to end wars resulted in the creation of the United Nations. He announced a Second Bill of Rights which went into good effect in U.S. client countries, Germany and Japan, after WWII. A Marshall Plan helped to rebuild war devastation. New economic institutions designed at Bretton Woods brought stability. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted by his wife, Eleanor.

All of these institutions have been undermined over the years by Republicans, who are now destroying any socially redeeming values. They work tirelessly to undermine the U. N. They demonstrated disrespect for human rights as torture, renditions, secret prisons, and Guantanamo stained the image of the U.S. as a model for democracy. They disdained international opinion and, for a long time, have not signed onto widely admired agreements. Undermining elections, they have brought a new birth of racism, xonophobia, militarism, empire building and fascism.

Republicans were then, and are now, Fascists. They always wanted to repeal the New Deal, so Social Security, Medicare, public education, the Post Office, public transporation, and even public lands are now at risk. They have created a plutocracy, and they continue to game the system so that democracy will never again exist in the U.S. All of which will put us on a path to economic instability, international hostility, and war.

FDR didn't just fight Fascism in WWII Europe, he fought it here at home when major corporations attempted to have him removed. His Second Bill of Rights included universal healthcare.

In 1933, Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler was approached by wealthy industrialists and bankers who were plotting to create a fascist veterans organization called the "American Liberty League" and use it in a coup d'état to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler as leader of that organization. In 1934 Butler testified to the McCormack--Dickstein Congressional committee on these claims. In the opinion of the committee, these allegations were credible. One of the purported plotters, Gerald MacGuire, vehemently denied any such plot. In their report, the Congressional committee stated that it was able to confirm Butler's statements other than the proposal from MacGuire which it considered more or less confirmed by MacGuire's European reports. No one was prosecuted.

Marine Corps Maj.-Gen. Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush (George W. Bush's grandfather) who asked him to command a 500,000 strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In 1936, William Dodd, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, wrote a letter to President Roosevelt in which he stated,
"A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime.... A prominent executive of one of the largest corporations, told me point blank that he would be ready to take definite action to bring fascism into America if President Roosevelt continued his progressive policies. Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there. Propagandists for fascist groups try to dismiss the fascist scare. We should be aware of the symptoms. When industrialists ignore laws designed for social and economic progress they will seek recourse to a fascist state when the institutions of our government compel them to comply with the provisions."
The proven record of Prescott Bush's involvement in financing the Nazi war machine dovetails with the fact that he was part of a criminal cabal that actively sought to impose a fascist coup in America.

President George Walker Bush's grandfather (Prescott Bush) and great grandfather (George Herbert Walker) were among Wall Street's ultra-right wing elite. Before WWII, they were among the key players who coordinated the flow of investments from American multimillionaires into Germany. They profited by helping to coordinate the American financing behind Hitler's rise to power. During the war, they even profited from companies that armed the Nazi war machine and used slave labour at Auschwitz. Then, after the war, Prescott Bush was instrumental in helping to launder Nazi loot for Fritz Thyssen, who was one Hitler's earliest and richest industrialist backers.

Document uncovers details of a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by right-wing American businessmen.
The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell House & George Bush's Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression. The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans.

Bush's Grandfather planned a fascist coup in America.

Mike Thomson investigates why so little is known about this biggest ever peacetime threat to American democracy.


Bush NAZI Connection, a collection of videos and papers.

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America

General Smedley Butler's 1935 book, "War Is a Racket,". For an online version, recommended by Ron Paul, click on: http://www.lexrex.com/enlightened/articles/warisaracket.htm. After his retirement from the Corps, he was a popular speaker at gatherings of both veterans and pacifists.

The Plot to Overthrow FDR (video: documentary about 40 minutes.)

Henry Wallace


George Herbert Walker, grandfather of George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr, besides being a major financier to the Nazis along with his son-in-law Prescott Bush, was also appointed supervisor of military contracts by Woodrow Wilson. Bush was in essence Hitler's banker


Franklin Roosevelt said that the domination of our nation by large corporations is the definition of fascism. http://www.rense.com/general63/ssi.htm Roosevelt wanted the Bush Family in Nuremberg Trials for funding the Nazis: one of the reasons the GOP are demonizing Roosevelt. http://raenergy.igc.org/FDR.html

Nazis in the Attic

Video: Hitler's American Business Partners

George W Bush's grandfather also participated in the failed coup of business titans against President Roosevelt. They had planned to replace our democracy with a fascist regime modeled after Adolf Hitler's.

Connecting the Dots...

Let's not make the same mistake (video).

Interestingly enough, it's much easier to find out details of the Bush family's dealings with the Nazis than it is to uncover the simple, biographical fact that the Bush dynasty has been hardwired into the finances of the Pentagon since Day One.


Ripping off the nation via the Pentagon is a four generation old business for this crew.
No wonder they're so good at it. See War Profiteers.

9/11 helped to both cover their tracks and take things to a new level.



Fifty years ago, Harry Truman replaced the old republic with a national-security state whose sole purpose Is to wage perpetual wars, hot, cold, and tepid. Exact date of replacement? February 27, 1947. Place: White House Cabinet Room. Cast: Truman, Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson, a handful of congressional leaders. Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg told Truman that he could have his militarized economy only if he first "scared the hell out of the American people” that the Russians were coming. Truman obliged. The perpetual war began. Representative government of, by, and for the people Is now a faded memory. Only corporate America enjoys representation by the Congresses and presidents that it pays for In an arrangement where no one Is entirely accountable because those who have bought the government also own the media. Now, with the revolt of the Praetorian Guard at the Pentagon, we are entering a new and dangerous phase, Although we regularly stigmatize other societies as rogue states, we ourselves have become the largest rogue state of all. We honor no treaties. We spurn International courts, We strike unilaterally wherever we choose. We give orders, to the United Nations but do not pay our dues. We complain of terrorism, yet our empire is now the greatest terrorist of all. We bomb, invade, subvert other states. Although We the People of the United States are the sole source of legitimate authority in this land, we are no longer represented In Congress Assembled. Our Congress has been hijacked by corporate America and its enforcer, the imperial military machine. We the unrepresented People of the United States are as much victims of this militarized government as the Panamanians, Iraqis, or Somalians. We have allowed our institutions to be taken over In the name of a globalized American empire that is totally alien In concept to an our founders had in mind. I suspect that it is far too !late in the day for us to restore the republic that we lost a half-century ago. from Gore Vidal's book Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.

Present at the Creation: Dean Acheson


McCarthy accused President Eisenhower of being a Communist. Few people agreed with him. There is a brief history of McCarthyism at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism. Notice Reagan's role below. The FBI has always been instrumental in assisting right-wing candidates to get elected. The CIA is also highly experienced in rigging elections.

See the film Point of Order which consists of film footage of the Army-McCarthy hearings. It appears that the Catholic Church was a force for the big red scare. The cold war was a religious war. The Vietnam War was motivated by wrong-headed, mostly Republican, anti-Communist ideology.

Eisenhower's warning about the Military-Industrial complex was prescient. We are now hooked on armaments exports, miitary expansion, and the military industrial complex to support the economy. It is an addiction.

Demonizing Russia became the pretext for unprecedented military expansion and the forever war. We do not have the will to beat our swords into plowshares, are now hooked on militarism.

and the forever war.

HUAC (House UnAmerican Activities Commission)

See Naming Names: Victor S. Navasky


Bay of Pigs

Nuclear Confrontation

See Assassination page. With revelations of Howard Hunt, evidence accumulates that the CIA had a role. Bush Sr, head of the CIA, was in Dallas on that same day.

The CIA and the FBI have a history of interfering in elections.

There is a disturbing history of liberal leaders being eliminated, especially when they threaten to bring peace.


The Gulf of Tonkin attack, pretext for the Vietnam War was false.

"Pentagon Papers ... demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration "systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress."[3]

More specifically, the papers revealed that the U.S. secretly enlarged the scale of the Vietnam War with the bombings of nearby Cambodia and Laos, coastal raids on North Vietnam, and Marine Corps attacks, none of which were reported in the mainstream media.[4]

For his disclosure of the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg was initially charged with conspiracy, espionage and theft of government property, but the charges were later dropped after prosecutors investigating the Watergate Scandal soon discovered that the staff members in the Nixon White House had ordered the so-called White House Plumbers to engage in unlawful efforts to discredit Ellsberg.[5]"

The Phoenix Program: America's Use of Terror in Vietnam: Douglas Valentine

Nixon (1969-1974)

Nixon was a Bush protégé, hired from a newspaper ad placed by the Bushkins in 1945

Nixon was part of operation paper clip. A collection of papers putting Nixon in the middle of smuggling the Nazis in to the GOP after WW2. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=GWYA,GWYA:2005-04,GWYA:en&q=Nixon+Paperclip&spell=1


Karl Rove and most of the PNAC cabal were Nixon CREEPs. See notes on the Bush administration and http://www.prospect.org/print/V14/2/reich-r.html

In 1968, Nixon and his operatives were determined that they wouldn’t get outmaneuvered again. As the race entered its final weeks, their great fear was that President Johnson would negotiate a settlement to the Vietnam War and thus push Vice President Hubert Humphrey over the top to victory

The evidence is now clear that the Nixon campaign dispatched Anna Chennault, a fiercely anti-communist Chinese-American, to carry that message to South Vietnamese president Nguyen van Thieu. From Consortium News

Tom Charles Huston, the national security aide assigned by President Richard Nixon to investigate what President Lyndon Johnson knew about why the Vietnam peace talks failed in 1968, concluded that Nixon was personally behind a secret Republican scheme to sabotage those negotiations whose collapse cleared the way to his narrow victory – and to four more years of war."

Richard M. Nixon told an aide that they should find a way to secretly “monkey wrench” peace talks in Vietnam in the waning days of the 1968 campaign for fear that progress toward ending the war would hurt his chances for the presidency, according to newly discovered notes. (New York Times 1/3/2017)

The GOP's History of Hostage Taking (11/6/2011)

Kissinger works both sides before the election.

Seymour Hersh

Illegal War in Cambodia

Pentagon Papers

Invasion by Suharto of East Timor (Amy Goodman's account)

Assassination and overthrow of Salvador Allende, and installation of Pinochet.

Wiretapping of Kissinger associates

Church Committee

Arrest of Pinochet in London


Judge Jaworski's opinion of Nixon: See Leon Jaworski's book: The Right and the Power. the Prosecution of Watergate. Many of the White House staff were indicted. Nixon, an unindicted co-conspirator, was pardoned by his successor, Ford. His interference in the Vietnam peace negotiations for his personal election prospects was a grave crime.

Kissinger subpoenaed in Paris

Movie: The Trial of Henry Kissinger

The Powell Memo

History and Politics Out Loud (Hear the Nixon tapes at this website.)

The Lyndon Johnson Tapes: Richard Nixon's Treason (3/15/2013)


One Man Against the World, the Trajedy of Richard Nixon: Tim Weiner

One Man Agaist the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon: Tim Weiner

The Right and the Power. the Prosecution of Watergate: Leon Jaworski

The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and When He Knew It: John Dean

Nixon's Secrets: Roger Stone

With Liberty and Justice for Some, how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful: Glenn Greenwald

The Secret Man: Bob Woodward

All the President's Men: Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

The Trial of Henry Kissinger: Christopher Hitchens


The Fog of War (film)

Daniel Ellsberg: Why I Did It.

The Pentagon Papers


Nixon's resignation and subsequent pardon by hand-picked successor Ford has led to a culture that the elite are not subject to the law.


Carter made human rights a high priority and did not start any wars. So Republicans think he was weak.

Iranians stormed the American Embassy and took hostages. They were held until moments after Reagan's inauguration.


America's fundamental problem, in my opinion, since Ronald Reagan came to office January 20, 1981, and declared the fateful words: "Government is not the solution to our problem, Government is the problem" we have been on a more than a 30 year jag of dismantling the very means to address the challenges we face as a society .” Jeffrey Sachs CSPAN 2/17/12
When Reagan was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild, he secretly continued to help the FBI purge fellow actors from the union's rolls. Reagan's informing proved helpful to the House Un-American Activities Committee as well, since the bureau covertly passed along information that could help HUAC hold the hearings that wracked Hollywood and led to the blacklisting and ruin of many people in the film industry.,,, In the following years, Reagan and FBI officials courted each other through a series of confidential contacts. And after Reagan emerged as a leading conservative spokesman in the fifties, Hoover went beyond the bounds of his jurisdiction and secretly gave him personal and political help....the FBI's dirty tricks at Berkley helped fuel the student movement, damage the Democratic Party, launch Ronald Reagan's political career, and exacerbate the nation's continuing culture wars. Above all, it illustrates the dangers that the combination of secrecy and power pose to democracy, especially during turbulent times." from Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals and Reagan's Rise to Power: Seth Rosenfeld

Killing the Messenger: CIA, Contras, And Crack (10/17/2014)

End of the Reagan Narrative ? (11/2/2011)

About Reagan

Reinventing Reagan

Ronald Reagan rose to the Presidency as an informer for the FBI who furnished McCarthy's HUAC with the identities of dissidents, traded arms for hostages, ran drugs into Los Angeles, waged illegal war in Central America, substantially damaged the labor movement, and achieved his office assisted by FBI surveillance., though not as intense surveillance as that brought on by the NSA under the Bush II administration.

Circumstances appeared that the Reagan campaign made a deal with the Iranians NOT to release the hostages until after the election.

Iran released hostages minutes after the Reagan inauguration, and shortly after arms shipments continued. Just as Nixon had done, Reagan interefered in foreign policy for his own personal election prospects.

Gary Sick describes the events in his book "October Surprise". The Bush I administration stonewalled efforts to access records.

The Tricky October Surprise Report (6/18/2010)

Key October Surprise Evidence Hidden (5/6/2010)

The Reagan Southern Strategy

“The Reagan-Bush years took America from the heights of a rich creditor nation down to a pit of the world’s worst debtor nation. The reason was weapons purchases. No other expense came close.”
— ABC 20/20 co-host Hugh Downs in an ABC Radio commentary, March 18, 1991.

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis Bill Moyers video about 1:24. Watch it on-line.

Union busting

Iran Contra

The Sordid Contra-Cocaine Saga (10/10/2014)

A manual for the Contras

War in Central America

How Reagan Armed the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan


Nicaragua and the World Court Ruling.


Tower Commission

Gary Webb and the "War on Drugs"

The Power of Nightmares (BBC video) Highly recommended. You can view it on-line.

Star Wars

Politics of Rich and Poor: Kevin Phillips

Religion and the Cold War edited by Dianne Kirby

The thesis of Kirby's excellent introduction is that the Cold War was one of history's great religious wars, 'a global conflict between the god-fearing and the godless'. (p. 1) It was a war in which 'Christianity was appropriated by Western propagandists and policy-makers for their anti-communist arsenal' (p. 2), nowhere more so than in the USA. But in addition, as this volume demonstrates, Christianity was not simply a tool of psychological warfare. Church leaders were not merely pawns in a political game; they were active participants. Their flocks were not only recipients of propaganda; for millions religious faith was central to their lives. This fact is most vividly demonstrated in the several chapters that deal with the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII during the early years of the Cold War.


The Demonization of “Big Government” and the Myth of the Greatness of Ronald Reagan

Remembering Reagan

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Abrams, North,

Smiling Faces (video about 3 minutes)


Subversives: Seth Rosenfeld

The Man Who Sold the World, Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America: William KleinKnecht

Tear Down This Myth: Will Bunch

Sleepwalking Through History: Chalmers Johnson

Out of Control: Leslie Cockburn

Dark Alliance: Gary Webb

Whiteout: Jeffrey St Clair

October Surprise: Gary Sick

Coverup: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair A feature length film

Bush I

Bush Sr was former head of the CIA, an agency that secretly, systematically, undermines democratically elected regimes for the benefit of corporate interests.


Wikipedia "The invasion of Panama provoked international outrage. Some countries charged that the U.S. had committed an act of aggression by invading Panama and was trying to conceal a new manifestation of its interventionist policy of force in Latin America. On 29 December, the General Assembly of the United Nations voted 75–20, with 40 abstentions, to condemn the invasion as a flagrant violation of international law.[45] "

Gulf War

Air War against Iraq

"A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. You must see it to believe that former president George Herbert Walker Bush was connected to the assassination of JFK. Once you see this documentary though there should be no doubt in your mind that it's true. The evidence is overwhelming and as the author of this documentary, John Hankey says, "If we could present this evidence to a jury in Texas, he would pay with his life". Did you know that Daddy Prescott Bush was Hitler's chief banker in the U.S. before 1942? Did you know that George H.W. Bush was in the CIA and in Dallas when Kennedy was killed? This video explores the many connections between George Bush and the Kennedy Assassination and makes a very convincing argument that he was the operational leader of the most important coup in American history." video

S&L crisis was a small scale rehearsal for W's economic disaster.

Family of Secrets, Russ Baker

"The Immaculate Deception: Bush Crime Family Exposed" by Russell Bowen (1992)

The Panama Deception: A feature length film

New York Times exposé of "Nayirah", the Kuwaiti diplomat's daughter who helped fake the Iraqi baby-incubator atrocity. (John MacArthur)

Second Front, Censorship and Propaganda in the Gulf War: John R. MacArthur


Clinton Scandals

Bush II

An Angolan friend of Joe Wilson remarked: "One candidate loses the popular vote by over 500,000 ballots, but his brother is governor of the one state where the outcome is too close to call. The effort to count the ballots is disrupted by the Washington staffs of elected representatives from the candidate's party, and the court that ultimately adjudicates the outcome is made up largely by people appointed by the candidate's father. Sounds a lot like an election in Africa."; Joe Wilson: Politics of Truth; pg 281.

Bush Administration Convicted of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity (5/30/2013)

Bush War Crimes

Cheney War Crimes



Patriot Act

Universal Surveillance


Pretexts for the war in Iraq. were based in fabricated evidence, some extracted by torture.

Unknown Knowns (movie)

Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize acceptance speech. (A note)




Economic calamity

See Bush


Obama did little to reign in the National Security State.




Like Bush before him, Trump became President without winning the popular vote. Someone should ask him how he knows torture works.

His appointments, mostly enemies of the agencies that they will oversee, are unprecedented hard-right, religious bigots, make prospects for peace very dark.

Being climate deniers, they will accelerate the destruction of the planet.


Untold History of the United States: Oliver Stone's 12 hour series available on Netflix (2017)

Watch the video at http://links.org.au/node/486


War Criminals Watch

Zinn Education Project


Presiential Puppetry, Obama, Romney, and Their Masters: Andrew Kreig

Conspiracy Theory in America: Lance deHaven-Smith

With Liberty and Justice for Some, how the law is used to destroy equality and protect the powerful: Glenn Greenwald

George W Bush, War Criminal ? Michael Haas

When Presdients Lie, A History of Official Deception and Its Consequences, Eric Alterman

American Conspiracies: Jesse Ventura

Family of Secrets: Russ Baker (Note)

The CIA's Greatest Hits: Mark Zepezauer, Odonian Press

People's History of the United States: Howard Zinn (see this on-line version)

Since its landmark publication in 1980, /A Peoples History of the
United States/ has had six new editions, sold more than 1.7 million
copies and been turned into an acclaimed play. More than a successful
book, /A Peoples History/ triggered a revolution in the way history is
told, displacing the official versions with their emphasis on great men
in high places to chronicle events as they were lived, from the bottom up.

Now Howard Zinn, historian Paul Buhle, and cartoonist Mike Konopacki
have collaborated to retell, in vibrant comics form, a most immediate
and relevant chapter of /A Peoples History/: the centuries-long story
of America's actions in the world. This short animated
video explores US expansionism from Wounded Knee to the invasion of
Iraq, stopping along the way at World War I, World War II Central
America, Vietnam and the Iranian revolution.

Supplying Repression: U.S. Support for Authoritarian Regimes Abroad - Page 98

by Michael T. Klare, Cynthia Arnson, Institute for Policy Studies, Delia Miller, Daniel Volman - Political Science - 1981 - 165 pages

... Michael T ... Klare ...