Trump Supporters Were More Motivated by Racism Than Economic Issues

"I Dont Think We're Free In America" (1/2/2017)

"The World's most dangerous idea is that we are not all the same" Zinny Thabethe
"Borders are the single biggest cause of discrimination in all of world history. Inequality gaps between people living in the same country are nothing in comparison to those between separated global citizenries." Utopia For Realists, Roger Bregman
"...long before it was the party of Donald Trump, it was also the party of Barry Goldwater, who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Richard Nixon, whose Southern strategy set the template for contemporary race-baiting campaign; Ronald Reagan, who launched his 1980 general election campaign in Philadelphia, Miss., near the site of the murders of the civil rights activists James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michail Schwerner; and Lee Atwater, the mastermind behind George H. W. Bush's Willie Horton ad." Robert Lieberman. Professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University.
“Make no mistake, today's Republican radicalism, with all of its attendant terrifying brinksmanship, is the grandchild of the white South's devastating defeats in the struggle over racial exclusion” Ta-Nehisi Coates Atlantic essay Fear of a Black President.
"Racism is inherent in imperial rule - it's almost invariable." Noam Chomsky: Imperial Ambitions pg 48.
"Over the past few weeks there have been a number of commentaries about Ronald Reagan's legacy, specifically about whether he exploited the white backlash against the civil rights movement. The controversy unfortunately obscures the larger point, which should be undeniable: the central role of this backlash in the rise of the modern conservative movement." Paul Krugman, The New York Times: 11/19/2007
"Unemployment is 7.4 percent overall, for African Americans it is almost double that, 13.6 percent. One in six Americans now lives under the poverty line, the highest it has been since 1993. That includes 26 percent of African Americans and 40 percent of African-American children. The disparities persist, not just in our economy but also sadly in our justice system. For example, while African Americans make up about 15 percent of the nation's drug users, they are 36 percent of those arrested, 54 percent of those convicted, and 74 percent of those sentenced to prison for a drug offense." U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)
"By cleaving to whiteness, even at the expense of their overall economic interests - which would frankly be better served by solidarity with the black and brown - white workers have fallen into a trap. From colonial times to the present era, racism has divided working people, strengthened the hand of capital relative to labor, and thereby helped further the inequalities that are the material engine of the culture of cruelty." Tim Wise: Under the Affluence

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