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RFK: The "Gang of Five" foundations that are huge repositories of industrial polluter money [the John.M Olin Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Castle Rock Foundation, the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, and the Bradley Foundation] have been used to create think tanks, to recruit phony scientists that we call “biostitutes” and to fund politicians in order to undermine and subvert those environmental laws that were passed after Earth Day: the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act. Industry was kind of caught off-guard by Earth Day and the legislative barrage that followed. But since then, they’ve mobilized to regain control of the public trust assets. And really, the best measure of how a democracy is functioning is how it allocates the goods of the land, the public trust assets. Does it maintain the air and water under control of the people for the benefit of the public,
or does it allow those assets to be privatized by politically powerful entities? from an interview with Mother Jones 10/7/2004

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Most chemicals have not been tested for safety

[polluters] success has been largely the result of an unholy marriage between polluting industries and the radical right – an alliance conceived by Colorado brewer Joseph Coors. In 1976, Coors, owner of one of Colorado’s biggest polluters , founded the Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) to challenge environmental laws.... Coors also founded the right-wing Heritage Foundation, which has provided the philosophical underpinning o f the anti-environmental movement. p. 25 Reagan’s victory gave the Heritage Foundation and the MSLF a national arena for their radical agenda. Heritage became known as Reagan’s “shadow government.”.... [Damage done during Reagan Administration - Coors picked head of EPA Anne Gorsuch who cut EPA budget 30% and destroyed Superfund program, and James Watt, president of MSLF, to be Secretary of Interior; growth of pseudo grassroots organizations specializing in “greenwashing ”. Anti-environmentalists hooked up with Pat Robertson ’s Christian Coalition in early 1990s. Helped Bush to victory." Crimes Against Nature: How George W. Bush and His Corporate Pals Are Plundering the Country and Hijacking Our Democracy, Robert F. Kennedy (2004)

How Michigan's Flint River came to poison a city (1/18/2016)

Since it is no longer advisable to swim in U.S. rivers or to eat fish that still live there, give credit to the Republicans, the filthy polluter's party.

When Reagan was in office, Joseph Coors, founder of the Heritage Foundation "handpicked his Colorado associate Anne Gorsuch to administer the EPA. He chose her husband-to-be, Robert Burford, a subsidy-dependent cattle baron who had vowed to destroy the Bureau of Land Management, to head up that very agency. Coors chose James Watt, ...as Secretary of the Department of the Interior. Watt was a proponent of "dominion theology," an authoritarian Christian heresy that advocates man's duty to "subdue" nature. His deep faith in laissez-faire capitalism and apocalyptic Christianity led Secretary Watt to set about dismantling his department and distributing its assets, selling off public lands and water and mineral rights at what the General Accounting Office called "fire sale prices". During a Senate hearing, Mr. Watt cited the approaching Apocalypse to explain why he was giving away America's sacred places rather than preserving them for future generations: "I do not know how many future generations we can count on before the Lord returns", he explained.


When Bush won, he appointed former General Motors lobbyist Andrew Card Chief of Staff froze all pending Clinton regulations. Gale Norton got top post at the Department of the Interior,. Her second in command Steven Griles, a former lobbyist for the mining industry. The head of the Department of Agriculture's Forest Server is a former timber industry lobbyist, ... They gave out quick permit approvals, doled out waivers that exempt campaign contributors and polluters from rules or regulations, critically reduced funding for implementing environmental laws, reinterpreted long-standing policies to limit government authority, stopped new rules to protect the environment.

The very agencies entrusted to protect Americans from polluters have simply stopped enforcing the law. However John Ashcroft's Justice Department vigorously enforced the law against environmentalists like Greenpeace.

Republicans keep much of their activity secret, but abolishing the EPA is one of their goals. (That's the one Rick Perry remembered.)

(Shamelessly paraphrased from Crimes Against Nature, cited below.)

Hazardous Waste

Support the Household Hazardous Waste Facility (CT river towns only.)

See Ct River Estuary Region

Minimize your lawn. "At the Connecticut [College] Arboretum we have over the past two decades established techniques in naturalistic landscaping that have significant relevance in conserving millions of gallons of our estimated 30-year petroleum supply, saving thousands of tons of fertilizers and negating the unnecessary use of pesticides. The concept involves reducing the size of one's lawn or actually eliminating it. This is not to say that lawns are not pleasing, aesthetic, artificial creations of man, but environmentally they are very expensive to maintain. In the United States there are five million acres of lawn on which we use three million tons of fertilizer annually. Two years ago several Congressmen recommended to the President that the use of commercial fertilizers be restricted on lawns. This was not a popular request, and nothing has been heard of it since. The Lawn Institute and Fertilizer Institute might object strenuously. Note that the request was not to restrict production of fertilizers, but merely an attempt to direct their application into areas such as agriculture and food production--their highest and best use. It is especially important that we use fertilizers wisely since phosphorus, a vital element, may be in short supply in the future." William Niering

Save the River/Save the Hills is dedicated to abating and preventing pollution of the river and advocating the preservation of the Oswegatchie Hills. Due to bacterial and other forms of pollution the Niantic River is on the Federal EPA and the CT DEP's "List of Impaired Waterbodies".

Klienschmidt Energy and Water Resource Consultants are studying pollution sources emptying into the Niantic River. The final report, the Niantic River Watershed Plan, is due in September. www.kxchange.com/nrwp.

Republicans are a front group for wealthy polluters.


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