How is the Republican Party like Jim Jones ?

Modern conservatism has become a sort of cult, very much given to conspiracy theorizing when confronted with inconvenient facts. Liberal policies were supposed to cause hyperinflation, so low measured inflation must reflect statistical fraud; the threat of climate change implies the need for public action, so global warming must be a gigantic scientific hoax. Oh, and Mitt Romney would have won if only he had been a real conservative. It’s all kind of funny, in a way. Unfortunately, however, this runaway cult controls the House, which gives it immense destructive power — the power, for example, to wreak havoc on the economy by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. And it’s disturbing to realize that this power rests in the hands of men who, thanks to the wonk gap, quite literally have no idea what they’re doing.Paul Krugman (9/8/2013)

Paul Krugman points out Republicans similarity to a cult, but the comparison goes deeper than that.

The Republican agenda, ever eager to cut social programs, has had a devastating effect on the middle class. Since Reagan busted unions, wages have fallen, families now need two paychecks, benefits cut, pensions all but disappeared, students have unprecedented debt that they cannot escape in bankruptcy. To make matters worse, R's want to privatize Social Security, roll back health care reform, revise Medicare so that it is a voucher program, cut head start, make education more unaffordable, cut life support for the vulnerable, make massive cuts to food stamps, but deliver tax cuts to the wealthy (the so-called job creaters). 

We are  now  number 1 in the developed world in income inequality. The  oligarchs have astounding  wealth, but, guess what, they are not creating jobs.

Although Joblessness is our most critical problem, Republicans have done nothing to address it. In fact, they cut jobs at all levels of government, blocked an adequate stimulus program, passed harsh new laws restricting unions from bargaining, stopped infrastructure improvement for highways and railroads . All of which assured worse unemployment percentages. The middle class is sinking fast, business will not expand because demand is weak.

Although Republicans have guaranteed wide suffering, they have also gone to great lengths to assure record gun ownership.

Unlike the framers of the Constitution, they don't like government. When in offfice they work tirelessly to make it fail.  Not only did the Republican House not accomplish any legislation, they actually shut down the government demonstrating dramatically that they do not deserve to be in office. Many of them are from the old South, distrust people of color, proclaim states rights, carry the Confederate flag, and vigorously discuss secession. They are NOT patriots.

Polls show that Americans favor increasing the minimum wage, support background checks for gun sales,  want no cuts  to Social Security,  would like immigration reform, but instead Republicans  respond with voter suppression and opposition to virtually  everything the  public wants. Studies show that when the wealthy and public hold different views, that the Congress (and the Supreme Court) consistently side with the wealthy. We are no longer a democracy. Money rules.

Republicans act like they WANT theeconomy to collapse so that they can win the next election. They refuse to pay the bills for the wars and tax cuts that they put on the tab, they were prepared to default on the debt and, in the process, crash not only the US economy but the world's.

The Republican party servesoligarchs, like the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch and others, who own it. In the past, they brought us the criminal Bush administration with dreams of an imperial presidency, gratuitous wars, secret offshore prisons, illegal wiretaps,  torture, the unlimited militaryempire, secret government, and the dedication to corporatism (aka Fascism). All accompanied by the impoverishment of the American people and universal surveillance.

So now Republicans are engaging in extortion. Because they are only concerned about money, they ignore the real problems that face us including crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, massive unemployment, accelerating poverty, unprecedented income inequality, and, in their willfully ignorant stance, insist that climate degradation is not a problem.

Evangelicals, mostly Republicans, look forward to the end times. That will validate their ideology.

If they get their way, the massive extinction event now underway will surely accelerate. Their legacy for the next generations will quite possibly be the end of humanityRepublicans are like Jim  Jones...  only on a planetary scale.


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