... One of the consequences of such a flawed [money driven] system is that foreign states such as Israel are able to send politicians such as Binyamin Netanyahu to demand of congress $6 billion a year as an involuntary gift from the American electorate to support his own government and to keep him in power. That huge sum includes vast amounts of arms and military equipment to support the Israeli government’s policy of illegal settlement on Palestinian land. A policy for which Mr Adelson uses the considerable clout of his (unelected) power to support. Anthony Bellchambers (1/1/2016)

Establishment of a nuclear weapons-free zone of course requires the cooperation of the nuclear powers: in the Middle East, that would include the United States and Israel, which refuse. The same is true elsewhere. Such zones in Africa and the Pacific await implementation because the U.S. insists on maintaining and upgrading nuclear weapons bases on islands it controls. Noam Chomsky, Because we Say So. p 86

US-Israel relations have been described in a variety of ways. Politicians refer to Israel as the US 's most reliable ally in the Middle East, if not the world. Others speak of Israel as a strategic ally. Some speak of Israel and the US as sharing common democratic values in the war against terrorism. On the Left, critics speak of Israel as a tool of US imperialism for undermining Arab nationalism, and a bulwark against fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. Very few writers point to the "excess influence" which the Israeli governments exercise on US government policy via powerful Jewish lobbies and individuals in media, financial and governmental circles, or their exercise of that influence for the primary benefit of Israel, irrespective of how that impacts the well-being of the United States.

While there is a grain of truth in much of the above, there are numerous unique aspects in this relationship between the US, an imperial power, and Israel, a regional power. Unlike Washington's relation with the EU, Japan and Oceania, it is Israel which pressures and secures a vast transfer of financial resources (by 2004, $2.8 billion per year, $84 billion over 30 years). Israel secures the latest arms and technology transfers, unrestrictive entry into US markets, free entry of immigrants, unconditional commitment of US support in case of war and repression of colonized people, and guaranteed US vetoes against any critical UN resolutions. James Petras book: The Power of Israel in the United States (on-line)

Unlike Iran, Israel refuses to allow inspections or to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It has hundreds of nuclear weapons and advanced delivery systems, and a long record of violence, aggression, and lawlessness, thanks to unremitting American support." Noam Chomsky: Because We Say So. Pg 65

Trump Wants Obama to Veto UN Vote Against Israeli Settlements (12/22/2016)

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US Cable Channel Incites Religious War in Israel-Palestine w/Endorsement by George Costanza and Sponsorship from JDate (3/15/2010)

Shocking Video Emerges of Netanyahu Bragging About Derailing the Oslo Accords

Published in the Westerly Sun, 2012 April 16

Ask Cicilline why our tax dollars are going to Israel

Congressman Cicilline needs to explain giving your money away.

Congressman Cicilline owes an explanation to Rhode Island taxpayers. While most of our larger cities contemplate bankruptcy, and citizens suffer the brunt of budget cuts, higher taxes, and slashed social programs, the congressman is lavishly giving your money away to a foreign country.

Last week, the congressman was an original co- sponsor of H.R.4229, which received no media coverage from Rhode Island media outlets. This bill requires U.S. taxpayers’ money be given to Israel so they can buy and expand the Iron Dome missile system. That’s right; you are buying them a missile system.

The cost was excluded from the bill so as not to outrage citizens, but on April 4 Israel requested $700 million for its purchase. But wait, there is more!  In addition to this $700 million, you already gave over $200 million for the originally deployed missiles. This was done by our Congress, while telling the tornado-destroyed residents of Joplin, Mo., there was no assistance money left for them.  In addition to the Iron Dome system, you graciously paid a minimum of $1.5 billion to help Israel develop the “Arrow” missile system, which has yet to be tested.

You have donated over 13 billion dollars in aid to Israel since the recession began, not counting the 3.1 billion in military aid each year. It gets worse!

Next time you fill up you gas tank, consider that you also pay for the gas and fuel used by Israeli army. While drastically slashing social programs for Americans, Congress has increased aid to Israel this year. Yes increased!

All these are well kept secrets to mitigate public anger. We need an explanation from our media about their silence, and we need the congressman to explain why he is giving our tax money to a foreign nation while we suffer cuts at home. How about it congressman?

Joseph Clifford

Israeli Lobby

Israel: The Jewish Homeland?

UN mission finds evidence of war crimes by both sides in Gaza conflict

Why Is Congress Demonizing an Investigation of Israel's War Crimes in Gaza?  

Why Is Congress Demonizing an Investigation of Israel's War Crimes in Gaza?

Recognition of human rights expert Richard Goldston's investigation is essential to the peace process in Israel and Palestine -- and the Congress is trying to demonize it. more


According to Seymour Hersh, the US helped plan Israel's invasion of Lebanon as a preliminary step to a possible pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Ellsberg on Vanunu's Re-Arrest (1/4/2010)

Protests Against Gaza Siege (1/1/2010)

US Arms Used for War Crimes in Gaza

We Will Have to Kill Them All

Boycott Israel's IKEA Boycott (CLG News )

Israel, Apartheid and Jimmy Carter

My Expulsion from Israel: Richard Falk

By attacking the observer rather than what is observed, Israel plays a clever mind game. It directs attention away from the realities of the occupation, practicing effectively a politics of distraction.

The former archbishop of Cape Town said the international community’s “silence and complicity, especially on the situation in Gaza, shames us all”. Mr Tutu said conflicts were resolved through talking to enemies not friends.

Palestine and Apartheid by Desmond Tutu

Gazan Holocaust

ADC (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee)

A Short Path, from Gaza to Somalia By Daniel Levy

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is beginning to approximate that of Somalia, where 77 percent of the population requires emergency humanitarian support, and the rate of malnutrition is the world's highest. Food insecurity in Gaza currently runs at 56 percent and is deteriorating rapidly, 42 percent of the Strip's population is unemployed and 76 percent is receiving humanitarian assistance (all UN figures).  

Israel's message to the Palestinians: Do not use non-violence or


About the Israel lobby (Text is available here.)

Pledging Allegiance to AIPAC. (6/9/2008)

Scott Ritter discusses Israel's influence on US policy (short video)

US Arms transfers to Israel


Website exposes Israel's 'Nuclear Secrets'

Israel tries to play down minister's warning of attack on Iran 09 Jun 2008 Israel yesterday attempted to play down a warning from a senior government minister that an attack on Iran was "unavoidable" if Tehran continued to develop nuclear weapons. The transportation minister, Shaul Mofaz, a key figure in Israel's dialogue with the US on Iran's nuclear programme, raised the prospect of a unilateral Israeli attack against Tehran on Friday, adding that international sanctions had been ineffective.

IAEA slams Mofaz remark that attack on Iran seems 'unavoidable' 08 Jun 2008 Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohammed ElBaradei on Saturday rebuked remarks made by Transportation Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz, saying an attack against Iran seemed "unavoidable."

Kurdistan's Covert Back-Channels. How an ex-Mossad chief, a German uberspy, and a gaggle of top-dollar GOP lobbyists helped Kurdistan snag 15 tons of $100 bills. Mother Jones

Message to Obama (from Rod Driver)


Peace, Propaganda, and the Common Land (watch on-line)

Man From Plains

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News Clips

BBC news video clips -Gaza

Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen

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The Power of Israel in the United States: James Petras (on-line)

The Goldstone Report, the Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict: Edited by Adam Horowitz, Lizy Ratner, and Philip Weiss

United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict

Against Our Better Judgement: Alison Weir

The Israel Lobby: Mearshiemer and Walt

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid: Jimmy Carter

The Samson Option: Seymour M. Hersh (How the US looked the other way when Israel built the bombs...lots of them.)


The Times of Israel

Israel Today



Representative Baird Defends Goldstone Report in Congress

The Goldstone Report

Criticism of Israeli Government

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America Hijacked


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America Hijacked

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Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD

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