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(11/05/2014) So now we know that Republicans will take control of the Senate. So what can we expect ? In my opinion, they will do nothing of constructive value.

The economy is unfair, unstable, and unsustainable. 85 of the richest people own as much as 3.5 billion of the poorest people. Janet Yellen reported that “The lower half of households by wealth held just 3 percent of wealth in 1989 and only 1 percent in 2013. To put that in perspective, ... the average net worth of the lower half of the distribution, representing 62 million households, was $11,000 in 2013. About one-fourth of these families reported zero wealth or negative net worth, and a significant fraction of those said they were "underwater" on their home mortgages, owing more than the value of the home. This $11,000 average is 50 percent lower than the average wealth of the lower half of families in 1989, adjusted for inflation.”

Republicans deny income inequality is a problem, and actually exacerbate it: refuse to raise the minimum wage which has lost much of its value over the years, oppose unions, refuse to cap consumer lending interest at 36%, profit on student loans and make sure they cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, but they fight to keep tax breaks for the wealthiest and cheer for further corporate concentration. (Studies show that Congress responds to the wealthy and that the US is now an oligarchy.) They want to privatize our public institutions including Social Security, welfare, schools and the Post Office so that they can profit. They have attempted to roll back the ACA many times even though many thousands of people are benefiting from it. 17,000 people could die because they live in States that refused Medicaid expansion. These are policies that destroy the middle (working) class and effectively put large numbers of people in debt servitude.

Here's what we could do if we addressed the problems: we would tax speculation much more severely than actual hard work and that would improve economic stability. We would restore the graduated income tax to levels under the Eisenhower administration, strengthen the inheritance tax so that the children of the wealthy don't have it too easy, and vigorously pursue anti-trust because too much concentration destroys competition and produces oligarchs. That would lessen the possibility that we produce another aristocracy, and damp down inequality. Large disparities in income are bad for democracy, bad for the general welfare, bad for the economy. They lead to social pathologies, inequity in the Courts, destroy domestic tranquility, suppress economic activity, and because we have ignored it, we experienced yet another economic collapse. Republicans oppose sensible regulation of the financial sector.

It is not just that Citizens United allowed floods of cash into our elections. Our elections are so bad that

"A few days before the November 2004 election, Jimmy Carter was asked what would happen if, instead of flying to Zambia or Venezuela or East Timor, his widely respected international election-monitoring team was invited to turn its attention to the United States. His answer was stunningly blunt. Not only would the voting system be regarded as a failure, he said, but the shortcomings were so egregious the Carter Center would never agree to monitor an election there in the first place...The American political system wouldn't measure up to any sort of international standards, for several reasons." From the first page of "Steal this Vote" by Andrew Gumbel (Winner of the Project Censored Award.)

Republicans in many States acted to suppress minority voters. We would get money out of elections so that our government is not for sale, but the Bush legacy on the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people whose only motivation is profit, that money is speech, and that unlimited cash on elections is not corrupting. The 'justices' are the same partisan hacks that selected Bush and his wrecking crew. There is a high barrier to counter that: we need a Constitutional amendment to roll back Citizens United, a restoration of the voting rights act because racism is still with us, range voting (rank the candidates) so that third parties can no longer be spoilers, restoration of voting rights for prisoners who have served their time (a stealth way to limit minority voting), and a removal of partisans from election administration as an approach to minimizing gerrymandering.

Population has reached unsustainable levels, but, again exacerbating the problem, Republicans insist that birth control be limited severely. Republicans also refused to support equal pay for women, voted down the CEDAW (Convention to End Discrimination Against Women), and, unlike other developed countries, provide no paid maternity leave for new mothers.

As Republicans fret about the deficit, be aware that the US has embarked on a program to rebuild the nuclear arsenal, a trillion dollar program over the next 10 years. It has negative value. The best we can hope for is that these weapons will never be used, and that they can be safely stored for long periods. If they ARE used, they will have unlimited destructive potential. Therefor they are not 'goods', they are 'bads' and should be deducted from GNP, not added. We could forgive all student debt for about that same amount and we would not add to the US killing machine. Richard Nixon, on his last day in office, commented that he could destroy millions of people with the touch of a button. So we know that these weapons are not compatible with democracy, are at odds with international agreements that we have signed, and have the capacity to destroy the planet.

Damage to the climate is slowly destroying the ecology. CO2 levels are at record highs and will remain that way for 100s of years. Oceans are acidifying. Methane is being released at alarming rates from melting permafrost. Glaciers are melting threatening fresh water supplies for billions of people. Species are rapidly going extinct. Republicans, seemingly waging a war on science and education, are in denial and refuse any attempt to mitigate the damage. Although NASA scientist James Hanson has said that the Keystone XL pipeline is 'game over for the planet', Republicans are anxious to build it and drill more intensely for fossil fuels.

Expect mass migration. Republicans will want secure borders to keep 'them' out.

“During the last winter, the high Arctic winter temperatures and pressures have displaced the normal freezing Arctic Air south into Canada and the United States producing never before seen, freezing winter storms and massive power failures. When the Arctic ice cap finally melts towards the end of next year, the Arctic sea will be aggressively heated by the sun and the Gulf Stream. The cold Arctic air will then be confined to the Greenland Ice cap and the hot globally warmed Arctic air with its methane will flow south to the United States to further heat up the Gulf Stream, setting up an anticlockwise circulation around Greenland. Under these circumstances Great Britain and Europe must expect even more catastrophic storm systems, hurricane force winds and massive flooding after the end of next year due to a further acceleration in the energy transport of the Gulf Stream. If this process continues unchecked the mean temperature of the atmosphere will rise a further 8 degrees centigrade and we will be facing global deglaciation, a more than 200 feet rise in sea level rise and a major terminal extinction event by the 2050's.” Malcolm Peter Light – Earth Scientist

Our planet is an accidental space ship. The only one. Destruction of habitability of the planet looks assured because Republicans think saving it is not cost effective. That is their legacy for the next generations.


How The GOP Bought, Rigged, Stole and Lynched the 2014 Election:

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