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“Violence against abortion clinics and providers has been part of the so-called pro-life movement virtually since 1973... The National Abortion Federation, the professional association of abortion providers has recorded a staggering 6,948 acts of violence against clinics and providers between 1977 and 2014, including eight murders, 17 attempted murders, 42 bombings and 182 arsons.” Katha Pollitt
“I am pro-life. I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future. I care about life and I have a record of fighting for people above all else.” Wendy Davis
"Choosing not to bear a child for whom a nurturing environment cannot be guaranteed isn't a denial of responsibility— it's the ultimate assumption of responsibility for oneself and the world." In Defense of My Right to Abortion in Macedonia
No woman is completely free unless she is wholly capable of controlling her fertility; and ... no baby receives its full birthright unless it is born gleefully wanted by its parents." Alan F. Guttmacher (1898 - 1974)

One hundred years after Margaret Sanger opened the nation’s first birth-control clinic, Republicans are still attacking Planned Parenthood. (10/17/2016)

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Human population has grown beyond earth's sustainability. But Republicans oppose family planning, reproductive rights or even sex education.

Senator Sanders

Republicans don't believe in family planning, birth control, gay marriage, or other population limiting policy.They are, in many ways, like the Taliban.

Their belief in 'small government' allows  imposing their religious beliefs on women and the rest of us. Even if it means apocalypse. After all, they are expecting it, it validates their deepest beliefs, and, being climate deniers, they may accomplish it.

Republicans claim to value liberty, but won't allow choice if it is at odds with their ideology. They have a right to practice their religion, but not to impose it on anyone else. Keep government out of medical practice.Oppose Republicans. http://www.gopiswrong.com/

Right to Life

Republicans only seem to care about the 'right to life' for the unborn. For the 16,000 children who die each day of starvation, they have said little. In their trade-mark hypocrisy and disdain for international norms, they strongly favor the death penalty.  More Americans are shot dead by toddlers, but Republicans love their guns.

Religious groups, including Roman Catholic Bishops, have been willing to block any meaningful health care reform in order to impose their views on abortion.  They made no secret of their opposition. Patrick Kennedy famously may no longer take communion.

Bill O'Reilly, indoctrinated by Catholics, is credited with the death of at least one abortion doctor. Religion, without a doubt, is a leading motivation for violence, terrorism, and war. Abortion has been a major cause of violence in the US. The religious right loves guns.

Violence from religious fundamentalists has been effective in reducing abortions.

All major religions make women second class citizens.

Ten Million Children Worldwide Die From Lack of Health Care. (Does the 'pro-life' movement know about this ?)
According to Teresa Cerojano in The Associated Press, "More than 200 million children worldwide under age five do not get basic health care, leading to nearly ten million deaths annually from treatable ailments like diarrhea and pneumonia, a US-based charity said Wednesday." (5/6/2008)

'Pro-life' Republicans can not bring themselves to accept health care as a right.

(Check the limits to growthenvironment and Population pages before you make up your mind about this. Also, see Sex. )

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The abortion issue, pushed by 'conservative' religious groups, is a leading cause of domestic terrorism. It represents a level of intolerance that makes these religions a threat to the public good and the political process. (See Religion.)

Christian supremacists including evangelicals and Catholics (not to mention their Republican benefactors) have held up health care reform so they can impose their will on the abortion issue. Abortion, one of the most personal of health issues for women, might better be thought of as a women's right to choose.

Keeping women in their place is a common thread in right-wing ideology.

You have to wonder about Republican's 'values'. Because a large fraction of the US population is without access to health care, there are many thousand unnecessary deaths, untolled suffering, bankruptcies, insecurity, and economic dislocation. Republicans claim to be pro-life, but most think the death penalty is appropriate for many crimes. If Republicans were really pro-life, they might take action for the 16,000 children worldwide who die of starvation each day.  

When intolerant religious fundamentalism leads to violence and paralysis of public governance, it is time to fortify the wall between church and state. Religious schooling should be subject to public oversight so that it does not breed ignorance and bombers. Churches that breed violence, many of them love guns, at the very least should not be tax exempt. We are paying plenty for their wars.

Women should abandon medieval religions where they are second class members. So should anyone else who cares about them.

Women are not allowed into the Catholic hierarchy, and tend to be second class members of fundamentalist or evangelical religions as well.

According to one version of 'Freakonomics', children who are wanted do much better. Considering that population has already exceeded the planet's carrying capacity and that the environment is rapidly deteriorating, limiting further population increase is prudent. See the forecast.

It is clear that religious intolerance concerning abortion has incited terrorism and violence. Just as the Taliban does.

Since human population has exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth, there should be no controversy. The Chinese one-child policy looks quite reasonable.

As the bumper sticker says: If you are against abortion, don't have one.

Whose Team Is It, Anyway ? Katha Pollitt (The Nation)

The Tiller Murder Wasn't a Lone Killer's Sick Plot; It Came Out of the Radical Anti-Abortion Movement  

The Tiller Murder Wasn't a Lone Killer's Sick Plot; It Came Out of the Radical Anti-Abortion Movement

The murder of Dr. George Tiller logical is an outcome of increasingly violent rhetoric from pundits like Bill O'Reilly and radical pro-life groups. Read more »

Bearman and Bruckner ...note that communities with the highest populations of purity ball attendees also have some of the country's highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In Lubbock, Texas, where abstinence-only education has been mandated since 1995, the rate of gonorrhea has risen to double the national rate, while teen pregnancy has spiked to the highest level in the state. A congressionally funded study of adolescent behavior, Add Health - the most comprehensive of its kind in history - revealed another dirty secret of the Christian right: White evangelical women lose their virginity on average at age sixteen, younger than any group besides black Protestants. (from Max Blumenthal's excellent book Republican Gomorra Page 157)

Catholic Bishops Put Sex Obsession Ahead of Mission to the Sick and the Poor

Everyone's Talking About Stupak, But What About the Health Care Bill's More Insidious Features?  

Everyone's Talking About Stupak, But What About the Health Care Bill's More Insidious Features?

The current bill involves some quietly coercive (and racist) provisions that no one wants to mention. more »


Why the Catholic Bishops Who Pushed Through the Stupak Amendment Are Hypocrites

Why Do Women Have to Go to Clinics for Abortions?  

Why Do Women Have to Go to Clinics for Abortions?

Why can't women just get abortions in hospitals or at the regular clinics they go to so whackjob protestors don't have such an easy target? more »


Freakonomics on the relation of abortion and crime.

The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime

Steve Kangas on Abortion.Hell Hath No Fury

(Note the next paragraphs shamelessly taken from notes to 100 Ways America is Screwing Up the World: John Tirman. This is number 80.

80  The Global Gag: Family Planning the Extremists’ Way
“Our continuing research shows the gag rule is eroding family planning and reproductive health services in developing countries,” says the Population Action International and a coalition of other organizations on their Global Gag Rule web site.  Their campaign deserves close attention.

The Science magazine article is “The Mexico City Policy and U.S. Family Planning Assistance,” by Richard P. Cincotta and Barbara B. Crane, from an October 2001 edition.  Michele Goldberg’s excellent coverage in Salon from June 2002 contains statistics as well as analysis.  The news item about China is cited by Sierra Club and others.

“Since 2001, the US government has used its power as a leading donor to family planning programmes to pursue policies in conflict with global agreements on reproductive rights. Prominent among these policies is the Mexico City Policy (or Global Gag Rule), which restricts non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in developing countries that receive USAID family planning funding from engaging in most abortion-related activities, even with their own funds. This paper reviews the history and political origins of the Gag Rule under several Republican party presidents. The Gag Rule has not achieved an overall reduction in abortions; rather, where it has disrupted family planning services, the policy is more likely to have increased the number of abortions. This paper concludes that the Gag Rule is a radical intrusion on the rights and autonomy of recipients of US funding. Regardless of whether or not it is rescinded in the future, the underlying issues in the politics of US reproductive health assistance are likely to persist. NGOs that wish to free themselves from the constraints it imposes must find the means to end their dependence on USAID funding, including turning to other donors. NGOs should also take the lead in opposing policies such as the Gag Rule that violate global agreements.”

Or try: Exportable Righteousness, Expendable Women by Ann Hwang – “The U.S. government is the largest donor to family planning programs around the world. But the country's backward-thinking "global gag rule," championed by "right-to-life" opponents of abortion, is actually likely to result in the deaths of more women.”

Planned Parenthood is of course a leading organization on this issue.  See also Center for Reproductive Law and Policy


Lake of Fire

When Abortion Was Illegal


History and Harms of the Helms Amendment (on-line)

PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights: Katha Pollitt

The Search for an Abortionist: The Classic Study of How American Women Coped with Unwanted Pregnancy before Roe v. Wade
by Nancy Howell Lee, Mark Crispin Miller (Editor)

Abortion: the clash of absolutes: Lawrence H. Tribe

Before the Shooting Begins: Searching for Democracy in America's Culture War: James Davison Hunter

Life Itself: Abortiion in the American Mind, Roger Rosenblatt

The Search for an Abortionist: The Classic Study of How American Women Coped with Unwanted Pregnancy before Roe v. Wade by Nancy Howell Lee


Organizations: Sexual and reproductive health and rights



International Planned Parenthood Federation

Pathfinder International

National Partnership for Woman and Families

Abortion Access

National Women's Law Center

The Abortion Rights Activist -- Reports news on activist issues and violence alerts.

Left Out -- Pro-life philosophy from -- surprise -- a liberal's point of view.

National Abortion Federation -- The voice of abortion providers.

Planned Parenthood -- Excellent pro-choice statistics and arguments.

On The Issues - quotes from the canidates.

See Population

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