Mike Pompeo Could Stop Robert Mueller in His Tracks (10/27/2017)

"... it is no longer clear that the power of the Congress of the United States, which represents the power of the people, is sufficient to compel full cooperation from the Central Intelligence Agency, which set onerous conditions for Congressional review and oversight." William W. Keller, Democracy Betrayed, the Rise of the Surveillance Security State pg 163

President Johnson privately complained that the C.I.A. had been running "a god-damn Murder Inc. in the Caribbean" an entirely accurate assessment -- except the beneficiaries were American corporations rather than organized crime. Adam LeBor reviewing The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and their secret World War.

“The torture was far more brutal than we thought, and the CIA lied about that. It didn't work, and they lied about that too. It produced so much bad intel that it most likely impaired our national security, and of course they lied about that as well. They lied to Congress, they lied to the president, and they lied to the media. Despite this, they are still defending their actions.” Mother Jones quoted at Telesur

...when you look back through history, you can see that even where the CIA, I’m going to use the word in quotation marks, “successfully” influenced foreign elections, almost uniformly, those have turned out to be disasters over the long term. We still had never recovered. At least our policy has never recovered from the Mossadegh overthrow in the Iran in the 1950s. Look at Latin America, it’s still a mess, largely because what the CIA has done there over the years, even in Greece where the CIA, it wasn’t an election, but the CIA supported the overthrow of the Greek government in 1967 by a military junta. Even in Greece, people still hate and distrust the United States because of that. It’s like the CIA does these kinds of things, they carry out these kinds of covert action operations without any thought to long-term policy, and like I said, uniformly, the policy has turned out to be a disaster. John Kiriakou

Historically, the CIA and society’s elite have been one and the same people. This means that their interests and goals are one and the same as well. Perhaps the most frequent description of the intelligence community is the "old boy network," where members socialize, talk shop, conduct business and tap each other for favors well outside the formal halls of government. Steve Kangas

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." --Former CIA Director William Colby

Just as one should reject the idea of a "rogue CIA", perverting or betraying the intentions of an honorable government, so one should banish illusions of a "rogue press" fulfilling its watchdog role by barking furiously at the crimes of government. Loyal and obedient in its function, just as the CIA has been, the US corporate papers behave, in the main and with a few exceptions, like most well-fed and prosperous watchdogs, fast asleep in their kennels, eyes firmly closed. Whiteout by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. pg 279.

"...concerns about an ever-growing and increasingly politicized national security sector have all but disappeared from the Senate discussion in both parties. Indeed, the CIA's headquarters has been renamed the 'George Bush Center for Intelligence,' and is far from the vision President Truman had of an expert resource without partisan taint and without military capabilities uncontrolled by civilian authority." Presidential Puppetry: Andrew Kreig Pg 93

CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: “We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.” The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy). It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination. These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator. The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be “communists,” but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow. Steve Kangas

"The CIA admitted in 1998 that guerilla armies it actively supported in Nicaragua were smuggling illegal drugs into the United States - drugs that were making their way onto the streets of inner-city black neighborhoods in the form of crack cocaine. The CIA also admitted that, in the midst of the War on Drugs, it blocked law enforcement efforts to investigate illegal drug networks that were helping to fund its covert war in Nicaragua." Michelle Alexander in The New Jim Crow pg 6

Down the decades the CIA has approached perfection in one particular art, which we might term the "uncover-up." This is a process whereby, with all due delay, the Agency first denies with passion, then concedes in profoundly muffled tones, charges leveled against it. Such charges have included the Agency's recruitment of Nazi scientists and SS officers; experiments on unwitting American citizens; efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro; alliances with opium lords in Burma, Thailand and Laos; an assassination program in Vietnam; complicity in the toppling of Salvador Allende in Chile; the arming of opium traffickers and religious fanatics in Afghanistan; the training of murderous police in Guatemala and El Salvador; and involvement in drugs-and-arms shuttles between Latin America and the US. Whiteout by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair. pg 385.

"We talked about how the CIA knew - and was preparing for the fact - that the world was heading to a place of not just inter-country war but of intra-country war in which mass surveillance would be necessary to control populations. And about how armies were being turned into police forces to administer countries they have invaded and occupied, while the police, even in places like India and Pakistan and Ferguson, Missouri, in the United States - were being trained to behave like armies to quell internal insurrections." Conversation with Edward Snowden

"It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms." - John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

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Pompeo was also a fierce critic of the Iran nuclear deal and of any attempts to close the Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba.

Finally, Pompeo is a major backer of an increased surveillance state, pushing for Congress to roll back reforms limiting the mass collection of metadata. “Legal and bureaucratic impediments to surveillance should be removed,” he has argued in the Wall Street Journal.

On top of that, Pompeo called for the death penalty for Edward Snowden, accusing him of treason and of handing over information to foreign powers that put American lives at risk. "He should be brought back from Russia and given due process, and I think the proper outcome would be that he would be given a death sentence," he said.

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One month before he was killed, John F. Kennedy, through Arthur Krock, publicly expressed concern that the CIA was plotting a coup to take over the US government. Video:

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The CIA and the Media

Obama and the CIA: Who Runs Our Country ?

Secrecy is one of many enemies of democracy and the Constitution. If we want the kind of government the framers intended, there should be no black budget., no CIA, and more transparency in government.

The CIA and other black agencies, over the years, have not had effective oversight, and have repeatedly betrayed the public trust by engaging in activities that would not be approved by anyone of good will. It is closely connected to the vast right-wing conspiracy. See this timeline of CIA atrocities.

It trained Central Americans to torture at the "School of the Americas", funded right-wing death squads, engaged in 'regime change' that put strong-man dictatorships in place, and precipitated wars in almost every part of the world. See Lou Wolf Testimony.

Covert agencies are secret, unaccountable and should be considered unconstitutional. They not only have budgets that are large and hidden, they have been responsible for all US wars since WWII (every one unsuccessful) and many illegal activities. We know that the CIA has run drugs into Los Angeles, that Afghanistan under the Taliban produced almost no narcotics but now produces a large part of the world's drugs, the agency has engaged in renditions, torture, assassinations, regime changes...and it has supported dictatorships in many parts of the world.

The U.S. now has extreme concentration of media. According to William Colby, former Director, the CIA controls everyone of importance in media. Control of the media is an essential part of election rigging and it is necessary to sell war. The CIA has experience rigging elections worldwide, we should have expected it sooner or later here at home. Elections have been rigged without causing public outcry.

Considering the universal surveillance by 'intelligence' agencies, and their control of media, it is time to ask the question: Who really runs things ? Andrew Kreig's book, Presidential Puppetry, makes the case that "secretive elites" guide our government leaders. Kreig was formerly a journalist for the Hartford Courant, so you would think his book might be in a Connecticut library...but it is not.

If good US citizens were fully informed, there would be massive change of our political structures and a high priority would be controlling or eliminating the black budget.  It seems we have created a National Security State which is  no longer  responsive to the people. The U.S. is no longer a democracy.

We are ripe for a fascist takeover.

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Klaus Barbie (you need to read this.)

More at this link.

Death Squads

"Do you remember the right-wing execution squads in El Salvador?' the former high-level intelligence official asked me, referring to the military-led gangs that committed atrocities in the early nineteen-eighties. 'We founded them and we financed them.'" (Seymour Hersh, January 2005 New Yorker.)

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Secret Wars of the CIA (John Stockwell, 1987)

Death squad leader 'was top CIA agent' 23 Mar 2009 The late President Milosevic's secret police chief and organizer of Serb death squads during the genocidal ethnic cleansing of disintegrating Yugoslavia was the United States' top CIA agent in Belgrade, according to the independent Belgrade Radio B92. The claim that from 1992 until the end of the decade, Jovica Stanisic, head of Serbia's murderous DB Secret Police, was regularly informing his CIA handlers of the thinking in Milosevic's inner circle has shocked the region. Stanisic is said to have loyally served his two masters for eight years. He is facing war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

CIA Operations

Operation Mockingbird

Operation Chaos

CIA Drug Running

Mike Ruppert (video) suicided 2014

Gary Webb reported on CIA complicit drug smuggling into Los Angeles and he was for all practical purposes fired from the San Jose Mercury News for doing it. Not only was this a branch of the Iran-Contra illegal war, but it had the effect of making a large number of (mostly democratic voting) minorities ineligible to vote. A win-wing for the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Barry Seal See this link also.

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy.

The big white lie : the CIA and the cocaine/crack epidemic : an undercover odyssey / Michael Levine with Laura Kavanau-Levine. 1993

Dark Alliance: Gary Webb

America's Debt to Gary Webb

Air America: Christopher Robbins

Hitz Report

CIA and Drugs

Bibliography on governmental and CIA drug smuggling and related criminal activities:

See the War on Drugs

Mind Control

Former governor Jesse Ventura's recent episode on mind control, though somewhat sensational, is actually quite well researched. Watch it at this link<>.

For an even more powerful documentary on mind control by the History Channel, click here


Operation Phoenix

See The Phoenix Program: Douglas Valentine. See this review.


A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

Timeline of CIA Atrocities

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The Secret CIA History of the Iran Coup 1953

1954 CIA coup in Guatemala video: YouTube.

From Jesuits by Dilbert
See CIACoupsofTerrorism  ( )

* CIA coup of 1954 "A Coup: Made in America" Part 2: "The United Fruit Company" "The Duck Test and the Catholic Church" "Extortion, Blackmail and Revelation" "The Final Plea" "The 1954 coup of President Arbenz"

"Anyhow, one part has E. Howard Hunt drooling over this wonderful coup, and he says that the JESUITS were great help. I think he says that the Archbishop in NYC or Italy contacted the Jesuit top guy in Guatemala, and they provided both Intelligence and Propaganda against the government of Jacobo Arbenz --- who was only trying to get the dirt farmers a little more bling -- or food."

Catholics in the CIA

The CIA was also closely in league with the Vatican, itself still embroiled in its wartime alliance with the Nazis. The Vatican was smuggling to the West war criminals such as Father Andrija Artukovic, the Franciscan who had helped exterminate hundreds of thousands of Serbs in Croatia. Hiding in the Vatican was one Walter Rauff, a German Nazi who had spent the last months of the war leading an extermination unit of SS men across Italy, gassing to death some 250,000 victims, mainly Jewish women and children. Rauff's protector was Allen Dulles's old friend Monsignor Don Giusseppe Bicchierai, who assembled a terror gang charged with the task of beating up left-wing candidates, smashing political gatherings and intimidating voters. Their money, guns, and jeeps were furnished by the CIA. Whiteout: Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair pg 138

Banking for God, the Mob, and the CIA

Catholic CIA

(From BreakForNews)...The Knights of Malta (SMOM) are a Vatican military order.

CIA Founder: William Donovan (Devout Roman Catholic, Member of the Knights of Malta, Recipient of the Highest Award in the Roman Catholic Church)

First CIA Director: Allen Dulles (Knight of Malta, Uncle of a Jesuit)

Second CIA Director: John McCone (Devout Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta, Administrator at a Jesuit university)

Sixth CIA Director: William Colby (Devout Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta, Opus Dei member, Married a professor at the Jesuit Georgetown University)

Seventh CIA Director: George H.W Bush (Knight of Malta, Son of Jesuit-trained Prescott, Father of Knight of Columbus Jeb)

Ninth CIA Director: William Casey (Devout Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta, Jesuit-trained at Fordham University)

Eleventh CIA Director: Robert Gates (Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University)

Fourteenth CIA Director: George Tenet (Knight of Malta, Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University)

Sixteenth CIA Director: Michael Hayden (Devout Roman Catholic)

CURRENT CIA DIRECTOR: Leon Panetta (Devout Roman Catholic, Jesuit-trained at Santa Clara University)


James J. Angleton (Knight of Malta) -- Longtime CIA Counter-Intelligence Chief, Head of the CIA's Vatican/Israel Desks

Reinhard Gehlen (Set up the CIA's Operations in Europe) -- Knight of Malta, Devout Roman Catholic

J. Peter Grace (Financed the CIA's Operation Paperclip) -- Head of the Knights of Malta in America, Devout Roman Catholic

Clay Shaw (High-level CIA Officer who set up Lee Oswald) -- Knight of Malta, Devout Roman Catholic

Licio Gelli (Grandmaster of the CIA-linked P2 Masonic Lodge) -- Knight of Malta, Devout Roman Catholic

Vern Walters (Former Deputy Director of the CIA) -- Knight of Malta, Devout Roman Catholic

Daniel O. Graham (Former Deputy Director of the CIA) -- Knight of Malta, Devout Roman Catholic


In Search of Enemies John Stockwell

The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World, Douglas Valentine (2017) Clarity Press

Pay Any Price: James Risen

The Manufacturing of a President: The CIA's Insertion of Barack H. Obama, Jr. into the White House: Wayne Madsen

Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters by Andrew Kreig (Jul 5, 2013)

Last Word: My Indictment of the C.I.A. in the Murder of JFK: Mark Lane (2011)

CIA Family Jewels (on-line)

A Question of Torture: CIA Interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror: Alfred McCoy

The Brothers: Steven Kinzer

Conspiracy Theory in America: Lance deHaven-Smith

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American Conspiracies: Jesse Ventura

The Phoenix Program: Douglas Valentine

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia: Alfred McCoy

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U.S. Army and CIA Interrogation Manuals

Inside the Company: Philip Agee

Secret History of the CIA: Joseph Trento

Clearing the Air: Daniel Shorr (plots against Castro)

The Mighty Wurlitzer, How the CIA Played America: Hugh Wilford

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VEIL The Secret Wars of the CIA 1981-1987. Bob Woodward

The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: Jonathan Vankin and John Whalen

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Journey into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse. Gordon Thomas

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The Immaculate deception: The Bush Crime Family exposed: Russell Bowen